A New Year of Life and Stuff That Matters

It’s my birthday.  I started the day by sleeping in (until 7:30am), made myself some toast, and went for a run.


Yes, I went for a run.  A very, very slow run, but a run none-the-less.  The mileage and time is really something that could be debated, however I believe my after-run calculations are pretty accurate. (In the interest of complete disclosure, I am not superhuman.  I did not run through houses or through water!)

Cheers to Turtle Power:


As a birthday gift to myself, I also purchased and tested the FlipBelt (http://flipbelt.com/).  I am not even sure how I came across this, but I know it took about 15 minutes of research to determine I wanted it.  Here’s the scoop, directly from their website:

flip belt 1 flip belt 2 FlipBelt_BlackCThru-625x417

The verdict?  It’s pretty nifty, especially considering I didn’t want an armband for my cell phone.  I purchased this specifically because I decided to use the C25K app from Active.com to get me out and running again.  Perhaps it’s because my hips don’t lie, but I did experience the belt riding up from my hips to my waist during my run.  It didn’t bother me, but I was hoping it was going to stay on my hips.  Perhaps when the running starts to pay off; their website doesn’t show anyone human-sized, just fitness-model-esque.

I am proud of myself for getting out there, especially after doing a number on my ankle yesterday.  I want more for my life than I have been acting on.  I’ve accomplished a lot, but it hasn’t provided joy.  Joy is the goal.  Being is the path.


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One response to “A New Year of Life and Stuff That Matters

  1. Briael

    Woot woot Paula! Belated birthday wishes, I really hope you had a great day with family & friends and celebrated in style! So sorry to have missed seeing this.

    Congrats on getting back into running – hope it gave you the sense of freedom you always enjoyed in the past. How is the rest of the 5K program going? I’m just doing the 2nd run of Week 9 (the full 30 min “run”) so I understand the challenge of getting back into your running stride.

    That Flipbelt sounds interesting. I would’ve thought the weight of items in it would keep it from moving too high. Have to say that I would prefer it on the low waist rather than hips – as I’m pearshaped – and wouldn’t want it to stretch and end up falling down the thighs! 🙂

    Glad to hear you’re back in a positive mental space and ready to get back to being the Go Getter Paula that I know.

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