My Food Guidelines

One of the things I’ve learned about myself through the eating disorder diagnosis is that throughout my life, I’ve had a lot of food rules.  These rules have ruled… and ruined… my life, so this time around I am really working on honoring that there are no inherently “bad” foods, simply foods I place more emphasis on and haven’t made peace with yet.  It’s a difficult transition to be certain.

I thought I’d take the time to write out what I intend to be the program I follow.  True to my nature, it’s not cookie cutter.  It’s a combination of all the learning that I have absorbed during the last 5 years of my life.  I know extreme, all-or-nothing does work for me… but this moderation approach?  This will be new territory.

Here’s the Scoop (no pun intended):

1. I primarily drink almond milk or soy milk.  I work to avoid dairy, though cheese and ice cream haunts me.  I like them, they don’t like me quite as much.
2. I am currently eating breakfast in the morning and intend to continue.
3. I drink 1-2 cups of coffee a day, with organic cane sugar and almond milk.  I have no intention of giving that up.
4. I work very hard to keep sucralose (splenda) out of my diet.
5. My drink of choice is water.
6. I occasionally consume alcohol.
7. I don’t smoke.
8. I intend to follow a mindful eating regimen
9. I do not intend on counting calories outside of tracking my own understanding of what something may have in it.  That’s crazy making business right there.
10. I plan on following the 2/3/4 – Complex Carbs/Protein/Fat.  I recently became educated on how food sustains the body, which has become the basis for this decision.  In every meal, I will work to incorporate a complex carb, a protein and a fat.  Complex carbs satiate for about 2 hours, proteins for 3 hours and fats for 4 hours.  Because of this, a regular eating plan can be created.

I understand that this is going to require time and attention, something I’ve been very diligent at giving others and not myself.  However, I feel it’s time.  I want to be happy and healthy and joyful daily.  I want to relish in the life that I have built for myself, as I have worked hard to get where I am.  It’s ok that I now want to enjoy the fruits of my labor.  Literally.

For future personal reference, here are some examples for the 2/3/4:

Complex Carbs:

Rice (White, Brown, Wild)
Potatoes and Roots Vegetables
Pita Bread


Greek Yogurt


Olive oil
Salad Dressing
Veggie Dip

Help me add to this list!  Enlighten me 🙂



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3 responses to “My Food Guidelines


    Hi there Paula

    What about nuts?

    Good luck

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  2. Briael

    Organic extra virgin coconut oil – brilliant for cooking, for veggie/fruit smoothies (I like a vanilla protein powder, blueberries and coconut oil, personally) and tastes great enough to eat a teaspoon on its own! 🙂

    Have you looked at veggie shreds in lieu of cheese? It doesn’t have the exact flavour of cheese, but it will allow you to make pseudo pizzas using pita bread and veggies.

    Cottage cheese is another good protein, but the fats are pretty low if you’re aiming for a variant of paleo/primal style eating. Do you like feta at all? I hear you on the dairy intolerance – I always end up full of mucus if I have too much, but I love it too much to go cold turkey.

    Pine nuts are also a tasty addition, without being the usual walnut/almond.

    Sorry for the late reply, having gmail issues again. Have a great week, Paula. 🙂

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