In Preparation

It’s been a long time since I have done anything that involved improving my health.  After a very successful 2010-2011, teaching myself to run and losing a significant amount of weight, I came undone slowly.  My nature is to GoGoGoGoGoGo, so I decided to become professionally certified in several different arenas, sell my house, buy a new house and start/finish grad school in a 2 year period.

Insanity.  I see that now.

During that time, I learned a lot about myself.  For instance, while I never let the ball drop (as evidenced by my 4.0 graduate GPA) I can’t do it all AND maintain any level of balance and health, though I am much stronger than I gave myself credit for.

Most importantly, however, was the unearthing of the fact I have an eating disorder (EDNOS).  After several years of therapy, I am now in partial remission however I am on the precipice of taking the next step, which involves using my new knowledge about myself and my health and getting healthy in a healthy, sustainable way.  To date, I have only known extremes, all-or-nothing.  Much harder to incorporate moderation, kindness and grace for myself.

I want more for myself.  It may seem silly, but I realized being halfway 70 means I need to really get my proverbial act together and stop wishing I was in a different place in my life.  I’ve missed out on a lot of fun because of how I have felt about myself, I don’t want to miss out on anything else.  Life is really too short.

By March 2016, I want:

– to be running three 5Ks weekly for fitness
– down 65 pounds
– wearing a size 12/14
– to say No when I don’t want to do something
– to say Yes when I want to do something
– be eating healthy, according to the 4/3/2, 90% of the time
– be able to look back and be proud of what I have accomplished

I can do this.  It’s going to be jumpstarted by ReNew Life’s First Cleanse.  I plan on starting this March 22. I’ll be tracking my progress and experience as this will be my first cleanse ever.  I’m also intending to start the Couch to 5K program during the same timeframe, so it shall be a period of transition for me.  Feel free to cheer me on throughout my journey!



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5 responses to “In Preparation

  1. mseuphrates

    You know I’m always in your corner! You got this!

  2. Jan Munroe


  3. Briael

    You have achieved so much in such a (relatively) short space of time. Now to focus on consolidating those gains into a lifelong habit. I know you’ll do it. 🙂

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